B.well swiss

Our mission — creating products that help people take care and protect the health of their loved ones and making millions of families happy.

A healthy family is the basis of a happy life. Nothing brings as much joy as good health of one’s family.

B.Well Swiss sincerely shares people’s desire to care for their loved ones. For this purpose B.Well Swiss has developed a wide range of medical devices meeting the needs of every member of the family. Helpless babies, active yet careless teenagers, elderly parents – they all need care and attention.

B.Well Swiss products guarantee perfect control of the entire family’s health, they are protection and means of demonstrating one’s care and concern.

B.Well Swiss advocates family values and care for those in need of help, associating its development with the health and well-being of all members of society.


Sharing the desire of people       to take care of their relatives, B. Well Swiss delivers medical products          for every family                 member

Values of B.Well Swiss The B.Well product family intends to bring confidence and peace to every household making millions of families happy



The quality of B.Well Swiss products ensures control and protection of the family’s health.



B.Well Swiss products help people take care of their families and change their lives for the better.



Thanks to excellent management, the production process of B.Well Swiss’s products is as precise as Swiss watches.


Easy to use

B.Well Swiss products are easy to use, they do not require special skills or expertise, and provide high efficiency.



Openness and focus on consumers and partners make it possible to create medical products available to everyone.

B.Well Swiss pays close attention to the quality control of its products.

B.Well’s mission is to make the best achievements in the field of health care affordable to everyone. B.Well’s devices embody only the best European features and are reliable and of high quality standards.

B.Well company pays close attention to the quality control of products. That is why the quality management system introduced in the company is certified to comply both European and international standards.

Products of B.Well company complies with international quality standards ISO 13485. The implementation of these standards confirms the status of B.Well company as a reliable partner who offers long-term and mutually beneficial relationships.

The secret of B.Well’s success is the unique combination of innovative developments and proven technologies.

Since its foundation in 2004, B.Well has constantly been striving for development in order to design the highest quality medical devices. Since 2012, B.Well Swiss has been headquartered in the innovation cluster located in the Swiss canton of St. Gallen, one of the major economic zone of Switzerland and Europe in the field of precision-work .

Switzerland is a country of advanced medical technology and the symbol of calmness and well-being so deeply ingrained in the idealistic image of a strong and healthy family. The high quality of the B.Well Swiss product family relies on cooperation with specialized ​research institutes and high-end professionals like engineers and doctors​ worldwide.

A healthy family is the basis of a happy life