B.Well at International Medical Kazakhstan Exhibition

B.Well distributor Diomed successfully participated at the International Medical Kazakhstan Exhibition 2017 which was held from 1st to 3rd November in Astana

Astana Zdorovie - the main business platform in Astana to present medical equipment, consumables, pharmaceutical products and medical supplies. This year it was held the 14th edition of the exhibition.

Many people were interested in B.Well medical devices and orthopedic products. The quality of the goods and the big selection were appreciated very much by the visitors. Overall it was a pleasant and successful show! People love our Swiss Brand and that’s great!

Thanks to all the people visiting us and the support during the exhibition.

B.Well at 13th Health Asia

B.Well participated at the 13th Health Asia. It is an B2B event that was held on 22nd - 24th August 2017 in Karachi Expo Center, Pakistan. Sindh Governor Muhammad Zubair performed the inauguration.


The 3 days moot was participated by the Government Regulatory Bodies, Pharmaceutical & Surgical Instruments Associations, medical institutions hospitals labs and the medical societies.


B.Well products both medical devices and orthopaedics met a great interest by local delegates, investors, entrepreneurs and pharmacists. More than 500 healthcare suppliers including many foreign like Chinese, Indian, Taiwan, Korean & European exhibitors also displayed their products in the exhibition.


The Government of Pakistan is highlighting their major strategic initiative CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor) which is a highway across Pakistan connecting China with the newly being developed deep sea port at Gawadar.

B.Well Swiss at Bulmedica/Buldental exhibition

We are glad to invite you to our booth at BULMEDICA/BULDENTAL 2017:

Booth No.: hall 1, stand D 21
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Date:        from May 17th to May 19th, 2017

BULMEDICA/BULDENTAL is the most expected Bulgarian national and regional exhibition in the field of medicine. The exhibition established itself as one of the most important annual events in medical and dental sector. It will take place from May 17th to May 19th, 2017 at the Inter Expo Center in Sofia.

B.Well Swiss is proud to present the new generation of health care products and orthopedic goods.

Come and visit us!

We are looking forward to meeting you

You can register you free visit on the website of BULMEDICA/BULDENTAL

B.Well Anatomic Cuffs

  • Cuff is as important as BP monitor

  • The conical shape provides a better fitting and accuracy

  • Using the wrong size cuff is a major cause for erroneous blood pressure measurement



An appropriate cuff size and shape are the key elements for an accurate blood pressure measurement. B.Well has developed a new generation of cuffs, able to meet the needs of all patients. B.Well anatomic cuff provides comfortable and accurate measurements. Conical form is convenient to wear and cuff wraps easily around the arm. We offer two variants of cuff sizes: M-size for upper arm circumstance 22-32 cm and M-L size for upper arm circumstance 22-42 cm. M-L size cuffs are suitable for all, thus allowing them to be used by all family members.

Word Health Day 2017

World Health Day, celebrated on 7 April every year to mark the anniversary of the founding of the World Health Organization, provides us with a unique opportunity to mobilize action around a specific health topic of concern to people all over the world.

The theme of our 2017 World Health Day campaign is depression.

· Depression affects people of all ages, from all walks of life, in all countries. It causes mental anguish and impacts on people’s ability to carry out even the simplest everyday tasks, with sometimes devastating consequences for relationships with family and friends and the ability to earn a living.

· Depression as a risk factor for adverse outcomes in coronary heart disease

· Regular exercise, even if it’s just a short walk, regular eating and sleeping habits, healthy lifestyle are very important and help to overcome depression.

B.Well rehab presents new products in compression hosiery line

B.Well rehab presents new products in compression hosiery line: Non-transparent panty-hose JW-315, JW-325 and stockings JW-215, JW-225 and Hospital anti-embolic Stockings JW-214

Over 35% of people worldwide have symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency (CVI).

B.Well rehab compression hosiery can be used for «Heavy legs» syndrome, dilated and «spider» veins, prevention and treatment of CVI (chronic vein insufficiency), including CVI during pregnancy, prevention of deep vein thrombosis. Non-transparent panty-hose JW-315, JW-325 and stockings JW-215, JW-225 are designed for cool weather.

B.Well rehab technologies provide graduated compression to restore the venous outflow of blood from the lower limbs:

- A-class fiber with double covered yarn

3D knitting technology with double cells gives comfort and density to the products;

Graduated compression is proved by professional tests (HATRA; SAG);

Anatomic design for comfort dressing;

Reinforced heel and toe.

B.Well rehab hospital stockings JW-214 helps to prevent venous thromboembolic complications (VTEC) of hospital patients. Its fields of application:


-Surgical operations and the postoperative period

-Prolonged bed rest of fragile patients

-Childbirth and the postnatal period


Air-permeable 3D knitting technology;

Graduated compression;

Open toe to control skin;

Fine elastic top band keeps stockings in place.


B.Well rehab orthopedic insoles

B.Well presents new line of orthopedic insoles and 2/3 insoles for children and adults.

Did you know: following problems are the result of unsuitable shoes?

-          clavus and corns

-          roughness and thickness of the skin

-          hallux valgus

-          hammertoe

-          ingrowing toenail

Essentially, all of the aforementioned problems are typical symptoms of flatfoot.

B.Well rehab orthopedic insoles are designed for treating flat feet and foot comfort. Our insoles for children and adults protect the musculoskeletal system from pathological conditions, preventing the development of flatfoot and increasing stability when standing and walking.

Arab Health 2017

Arab Health Exhibition was held from 30 January-2 February in Dubai, UAE. It’s the largest gathering of healthcare and trade professionals in the MENA region

At this year’s Arab Health B.Well Swiss presents its new line of Blood Pressure Monitors and Products for Respiratory therapy. We are proud to have received a lot of attention for our newly launched devices as well as the entire range of home medical equipment and orthopedic goods

Thank you very much to everybody who visited us on our booth during the Exhibition. We are very much looking forward to establishing a long-term partnership in your market together.

New Devices for Respiratory Therapy

B.Well presents new nebulizers – PRO-110 and PRO-115, MED-121 and MED-125.

Easy to choose, easy to use! We made a choice easier by dividing all our products into the lines. PRO medical devices are easy to use, professional high-quality devices intended for prophylaxis and control of your family’s health. MED line comprises devices with advanced function. They enable you to apply up-to-date diagnostic methods, prophylaxis and treatment as well as conduct overall health monitoring for your family.

Compressor nebulizers are the most popular.  PRO-115 is the renovated variant of WN-115 nebulizer for babies and children. PRO-110 is effective and affordable devices. MED-121 and MED-125 are very compact, quiet and lightweight.

B.Well nebulizers are designed for effective treatment and convenience for every member of the family!


New line of Blood Pressure Monitors

We are proud to announce our new Blood Pressure Monitors range.

PRO line of BP monitors includes automatic PRO-33 and PRO-35 modes, semi-automatic PRO-30 and PRO-36 - a special device for hypo-seeing people.

PRO medical devices are easy to use, professional high-quality devices intended for prophylaxis and control of your family’s health. B.Well blood pressure monitors are accurate, reliable, and available for everyone.




Russian Health Care Week 2016

International Exhibition «Healthy Lifestyle 2016» and «Russian Health Care Week 2016» was held December, 5-9 in Moscow, Russia. «Russian Health Care Week» is Russian’s No. 1 Trade Fair for pharmacies, dealers, retailers and hospitals. It is held annually in Moscow.

B.Well distributor Alpha-Medica presented new line of Blood Pressure Monitors and Products for Respiratory therapy. We are proud to have received a lot of attention for our newly launched devices as well as the entire range of home medical equipment and orthopedic goods. Alpha-Medica booth displayed most of the B.Well products and was visited by more than 1500 channel partners like pharmacy dealers, major retailers and medical professionals.

B.Well Swiss at Arab Health Exhibition 2017

We are glad to invite you to our booth at Arab Health 2017:

Booth No.: SAG15, Swiss Pavilion, Trade Center Arena

Location: Dubai, United Arabic Emirates
Date:        from January 30
th to February 2nd , 2017

Arab Health is the largest gathering of healthcare and trade professionals in the MENA region. It will take place from

January 30th to February 2nd , 2017 at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre.


B.Well Swiss is proud to present the new generation of health care products and orthopedic goods.


Come and visit us!

We are looking forward to meeting you


You can register you free visit on the website of Arab Health

B.Well Swiss Company will take part in Arab Health Exhibition 2016

The Middle East is one of the fastest growing regions worldwide and Arab Health is the largest and most important healthcare exhibition in the area.

Arab Health 2016 will take place from 25 to 28 January at the Dubai International Exhibition Centre DICEC (The Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre).

B.Well Swiss AG participated in this exhibition last year and presented its health care products.

For this year's exhibition, B.Well has prepared interesting proposals for its partners in the Middle East as well as serveral novelties.

(Dear colleagues,) We (we) will be happy to see you at our booth SAG70, located at the Swiss Pavillon.



B.Well presents the updated model electric heating pad

World-famous brand B.Well always strives to make their products the most convenient and comfortable for users continuously improving the instruments, using the latest innovations. This winter B.Well presents the updated model warmers: WP-210

and WP-250

Electric heating pads combines the ease of use and high security, provide care and warmth, as well as good health and comfort.

It is noteworthy that both models have the optimum size 30 x 40 cm, evenly distribute the heat, consume low amounts of electricity and have a soft removable case with washing.

With such electric heating pads B.Well any cold will not be afraid.

B.Well at the exhibition Arabic Health – 2015

B. Well Swiss Company took part in the largest exhibition in the middle East - Arabic Health - 2015, which was held from 25 to 28 January, Dubai.



The exhibition was attended by the official delegation of the health departments of such countries as the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, India, Pakistan, Central Africa. Arabic Health collected about 3,000 companies from 63 countries, including 25 national pavilions. The exhibition and the Congress were attended by about 13000 medical doctors, and more than 1,100 pharmacists.



B. Well Swiss first time participated in this exhibition and in the exhibition in the middle East. B.Well products aroused great interest, especially blood pressure monitors, inhalers, baby line, bandages and compression stockings. B. Well Swiss first showed a new line of monitors PRO series for simple and effective diagnostics. Potential partners have shown great interest in transparent compression hosiery, noted the high quality breathable and hypoallergenic material of bandages, corsets, etc., which is especially important for countries with a hot climate.


B.Well WI-911 is a professional device for teeth and gums care for home use!

Last summer B.Well pleased consumers with an exit of the next novelty – a modern and functional irrigator WI-911.


It is convenient to hold in hand as irrigator WI-911 has ergonomic design. Irrigator WI-911 is light weight and compact, so it can be easily taken to the trips and won’t take much space in a bathroom.

With B.Well portable irrigator there is no need to have an additional plug socket in your bathroom or to use batteries – it is powered by rechargeable battery, which can work for a long time.


B.Well WI-911 is a professional device for teeth and gums care for home use!


It cleans effectively the space between the teeth, removes the food particles and germs, soft plaque and it is excellent prevention of dental caries and periodontal diseases.

Besides, it provides essential care in case of dental bridges, implants, pivot teeth and braces.

As well as in all devices of B.Well, the best European characteristics were embodied in irrigator WI-911: style, simplicity and quality.


Irrigator B.Well – guaranty for beautiful smile and healthy teeth!

B. Well Swiss at the International Exhibition KIHE-2014

B.Well company was founded in 2004 in London and in a few years it’s medical devices gained the trust in many countries. Popularity and demand for English brand B.Well is growing every year. The branch of B.Well Swiss AG was opened In Kazakhstan, in 2012. The brand B.Well was first presented at the famous exhibition KIHE-Health 2014 that was held on May 14 - 16 in Almaty.

The following B.Well products were presented: sphygmomanometers, inhalers, thermometers, children's series devices B.Well Kids and also orthopedic products of B.Well rehab.

B.Well Kids is a line of reliable and functional devices that make babycare  easier andwill give parents more free time.B.Well rehab - products for the health of joints and spine. It’s a new product line of B.Well company, which is supervised by the Swiss branch of B.Well Swiss company.

The secret of successful development of B.Well is a careful choice of technological solutions for medical devices. The combination of proven technologies and advanced unique developments allowed experts of the company to realize its main goal - to create appliances that combine quality, reliability and safety.

Concern about health will become a good tradition with B.Well!

Alpha-Medica Company presents B.Well rehab product

During the last ten years, B.Well has created devices which allow people to control their health and live a fulfilled life. Now, the company is presenting new products for the market- orthopedic products by B.Well rehab.

The range of B.Well rehab products includes bandages, corsets, compression hosieries, insoles and support means. The manufactory of B.Well rehab’s orthopedic products is controlled by B.Well Swiss (Company).

The mission of B.Well rehab is the improvement of the quality of people’s lives. Nowadays, the need for orthopedic products is high. According to recognized statistics, this is due to the excessive load on the musculoskeletal system, inappropriate diets and sedentary lifestyles which ultimately lead to joint problems.

For example, 50% of people have problems with the knee joints, and 80% of the population is affected by back pain. It is extremely important to prevent the progression of these sufferings at an early stage, which can ultimately lead to disability. Modern methods of treatment of these diseases are based on an integrated approach: not only painkillers but also the usage of bandages which provide mechanical support for joints and muscles are needed.

Therefore, one of the main goals of the Alpha-Medica Company (the exclusive representative of B.Well rehab in Russia) is to launch orthopedic products on the market for medical products. Alpha-Medica Company fully shares and supports the ideology of B.Well rehab and actively promotes their products. Initial sales have confirmed that orthopedic products by B.Well rehab are on demand. Due to the fact that the products meet the essential requirements of costumers, they are surely to become best sellers.

Depending on the damage of the musculoskeletal system, Alpha-Medica offers various B.Well series of orthopedic products. For example, the PRO series increases the “sense of stability” of the joints under loads after injuries; the MED series is used for aggravations of diseases; the ORTHO series is designed for people with chronic problems of the musculoskeletal system, whilst the CARE series allows avoiding problems during pregnancy and before and after surgery.

For people suffering from varicose veins, chronic venous insufficiencies and compression hosiery, B.Well rehab will be particularly useful. They provide an effective prevention and treatment of such diseases. Wearing compression stockings by B.Well rehab help improve blood circulation, reduce the “tired legs” syndrome, reduce swelling and improve one’s health. B.Well rehab against compression hosiery is available in several versions: stockings and tights, which are divided into the series PRO, MED and CARE.

All B.Well rehab products are under quality control at all stages, such as development, procurement of materials and all stages of production. The manufactured product is tested and checked for compliance with the stated properties. ISO and TUV certificates confirm this standard. Today, B.Well rehab products bear the special mark «Swiss control» - a guarantee confirming Swiss reliability and quality of all products.

B.Well Swiss Company has been certified by ISO

B.Well Swiss Company has been certified by the German certification body of TUV NORD CERT. which certifies management quality and is in compliance with the international standards of ISO. B.Well Swiss Company pays close attention to its product’s quality. Therefore, the management quality ofertification body with years of experience in product certification and quality management systems. Implementation of ISO 9001  the enterprise has been certified in accordance with European and international standards. TÜV NORD CERT - an internationally recognized cand ISO 13485 confirms the status of B.Well Swiss as a reliable partner that offers long-term and mutually beneficial relationships.

B.Well Swiss on BIHE 2013

From 31 October to 2 November 2013 at Baku Expo Centre (Azerbaijan) the exhibition «BIHE 2013» took place Alpha-Medica Company (Russia)

Health Care. KIHE-2013
Tuesday, 18 June 2013 06:50

Twentieth Anniversary Kazakhstan International Exhibition "Health Care. KIHE-2013"

Medical scientific congress in Moscow
Sunday, 26 May 2013 12:19

B.Well is an active participant of medical scientific events which take place in the countries of the company presence.

A New Product by B.Well: B.Well WN-119U Compact Ultrasound Nebuliser
Tuesday, 11 September 2012 06:30

A new addition to our range of inhalators, the WN119U ultrasound inhalator is now available.

The main feature of this device is its compact size.  Not only is such a compact device ideal for use at home or on the road, it is also extremely efficient.  The WN119U can use water as a conducting media, includes all necessary accessories and, most importantly, all at a very affordable price.

B.Well in Armenia
Wednesday, 11 April 2012 06:33

Since 2012, B.Well products have been sold not only in Russia, but also in other countries of the former Soviet Union, the first being Armenia.

From March 30 to April 1, B.Well took part in the country’s foremost medical and pharmacological event, the international Health Service and Pharmacy EXPO 2012.

Every participant at the exhibition could familiarise themselves with the latest in medical equipment.  As part of the clinical programme for physicians and medical persons, a report was presented on the diagnosis of irregular heartbeats and the other functions of B.Well heart monitors.

Russian Award for the WN-114 Nebuliser
Wednesday, 11 April 2012 00:00

In April 2012, the WN-114 Mesh Nebuliser was awarded the “Health Sign” diploma.

Health Sign” is an independent project in Russia which intends to protect consumers against counterfeit and sub-standard goods.  Having passed several stages of independent assessment, which included a study of consumer demands, an analysis of all the claimed specifications and, most importantly, quality control, the WN-114 Mesh Nebuliser was declared one of the best in the Russian market.

Upgraded B.Well WN-112 K Nebuliser
Saturday, 11 February 2012 06:34

This February, our upgraded and enhanced WN-112 inhalator will go on sale.

This device is equipped with 0% L.M.A. Technology, a new system which saves significantly on medication; the patient can independently control the air flow and release the medicine only when necessary.  Included are three masks (for infants, children, and adults) plus an attachment for nasal inhalation.