New Devices for Respiratory Therapy

B.Well presents new nebulizers – PRO-110 and PRO-115, MED-121 and MED-125.

Easy to choose, easy to use! We made a choice easier by dividing all our products into the lines. PRO medical devices are easy to use, professional high-quality devices intended for prophylaxis and control of your family’s health. MED line comprises devices with advanced function. They enable you to apply up-to-date diagnostic methods, prophylaxis and treatment as well as conduct overall health monitoring for your family.

Compressor nebulizers are the most popular.  PRO-115 is the renovated variant of WN-115 nebulizer for babies and children. PRO-110 is effective and affordable devices. MED-121 and MED-125 are very compact, quiet and lightweight.

B.Well nebulizers are designed for effective treatment and convenience for every member of the family!