Medical Portable Oral Irrigator

Effective oral hygiene with B.Well irrigator WI-911!

  • Powerful and effective

  • Lightweight and compact

  • Easy for operation

  • Convenient for use

Effective oral hygiene!

Modern and compact Oral Irrigator B.Well - it is a professional device for teeth and gums care for home use.

It cleans effectively the space between the teeth, removes the food particles and germs, soft plaque and it is excellent prevention of dental caries and periodontal diseases.

If you have bridges, implants, crownwork and braces – B.Well irrigator is indispensable tool of everyday hygiene.

Despite its small size, the power of the portable irrigator WI-911 is comparable with the best stationary models.

Irrigator B.Well is easy for operation and convenient for home and travel use.

It is lightweight and compact, so it can be easily taken to the trips and won’t take much space in a small-sized bathroom.

When you use portable irrigator B.Well, there is no need to have an additional plug socket in your bathroom or to use batteries – it is powered by modern Li-ion rechargeable battery, which can work for a long time.

Li-ion batteries surpass greatly Ni-Mh, which is used commonly in other portable irrigators.

Li-ion battery doubtless advantage is practically unnoticeable “memory effect”. Because of that you can charge your device as needed, without waiting full discharging ‒ it won’t lose capacity.

Only several minutes a day and you save health and beauty of your teeth for a long time!

Your will be pleased by fresh breath feeling since early days of irrigator B.Well use!

  • 3 modes of operation for best convenience and functionality:

    «Normal» - effective cleaning,

    «Soft» - for sensitive teeth,

    «Pulse» - gum massage

  • Even water flow ̶ frequency water ripple 1600 pulses per minute

  • Optimal power for effective hygiene ̶ min/max flow pressure: 275 ̶ 620 kPa

  • Equipped with modern Li-ion battery

  • The battery life on one charge 70 minutes

  • Low noise

  • Lightweight and compact:

    Size (W/H/D): 55х195х70 mm

    Weight: 253 gram, adapter 65 gram.

  • Water tank capacity: 150 ml

  • Includes 2 replacement nozzles marked in different colors ̶ ideal for family couples or two users

  • Nozzle rotation is 360 degree for best cleaning

  • Working time with the full water tank: 40-60 sec and depends on the mode of operation

  • Auto shut-off after 2 minutes

  • Rated voltage: 100-240V,50-60Hz

Manufacturer: B.Well SwissAG, Switzerland

Warranty: 1 year

Package set: Oral Irrigator, 2 standard nozzles, water tank, adapter, instruction manual, warranty card.