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Oral Care for a beautiful
smile and fresh breath

PRO LINE Irrigators

Professional care available for every family

MED LINE Devices

MED lines comprises devices with advanced functions


TECHNO devices have the advantages of state of the art technologies

3 modes of operation
Optimal power
Complimentary bag

3 modes of operation

Normal—efficient hygiene

Soft—for sensitive teeth

Pulse—therapeutic gingival massage

Optimal power

Optimal power of 620 kPa for effective hygiene.

Irrigator WI-911 is as good as the best stationary models.


Compact and lightweight, hardly takes up bathroom space and is easy to travel with

Complimentary bag

Easy to store and carriage

Product was developed, verified and supervised by B.Well Swiss AG, Switzerland. Applied Swiss control system assures high quality, endurance and safety of all B.Well products.

The quality management system of B.Well Swiss AG is certified to comply with the international norms ISO 13485:2016. B.Well Swiss products comply with the Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC.