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What is 3Check mode?


B.Well MED-55 blood pressure monitor provides an advanced measurement accuracy due to the 3check technology.

In 3check mode, the device automatically performs three consecutive measurements and analyzes the results using a special algorithm.

Because blood pressure constantly fluctuates, a result determined in this way is more reliable than one produced by a single measurement. Pressure readings can be affected by excitement, fatigue, and presence of arrhythmia. Therefore, doctors recommend to make at least 2 measurements and calculate the average value. 3Check technology was created in accordance with recommendations of the World Health Organization on blood pressure control.

3check mode:
- Three consecutive measurements in the automatic mode,
- Analysis of the measurement data based on a special algorhythm,
- Maximized accuracy of blood pressure calculation,
- Where necessary, the device automatically performs a fourth, additional measurement,
- Expert accuracy in pressure measurement results.

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