One of the most common medical devices, which is in the first-aid kit of absolutely every person, is a thermometer. In a cold season, it becomes simply an irreplaceable thing, because the temperature is an important human health indicator. The deviation of temperature from the norm indicates the course of the inflammatory process in the human body. 

Types of safety thermometers 

  • Digital 
  • Infrared

These thermometers give very accurate results. Errors start when you measure incorrectly. Let's take a closer look at each type.

Digital Thermometers

A digital thermometer measures the temperature using built-in sensors, and displays the result in the form of ready-made numbers on the display. They are completely safe, unlike their mercury predecessors. Digital thermometers allow you to measure the temperature axillary (under the armpit), orally, and rectally. 

The method of measuring temperature is different all over the world. For example, in Europe, the rectal method is popular, in the USA the oral method, and in the post-Soviet area the axillary method. 


It should be understood that the normal measured values ​​in different parts of the body are different, therefore if the thermometer under the armpit shows 36.6, then in the mouth it can show 37.1 and this is within the normal range.

B.Well Digital Thermometers 

An excellent option for a family digital thermometer will be the WT-03 base. It is convenient for children and adults, has a well-readable display, measurement speed from 1 minute and memory for the last result. The thermometer is made of safe materials, does not contain glass and mercury, has a waterproof case and an auto shut-off that will help save battery power.

The digital thermometer WT-04 standart is characterized by increased comfort. It has a flexible tip for a gentle touch and better fit, and anti-skid panels. Temperature measurement is fast and accurate, takes 30 seconds. 

We also took care of the kids. In the line of the brand there is a children's digital thermometer WT-06 flex. The device is made in the form of a cute bunny and a funny duck, which will undoubtedly please a child. Temperature measurement takes 10 seconds, which facilitates the measurement process, as it does not distract the baby for a long time. The device is completely safe: the toy is tightly screwed to the body, which excludes the possibility of accidental swallowing, the thermometer is waterproof, made of safe materials and does not contain mercury and glass.

Well, for the smallest users, a special thermometer-pacifier has been developed, which will allow taking measurements in the most convenient way for the baby. The device has an ergonomic shape, comfortable for a child, made of safe materials and 100% waterproof - easy to wash. Measurement time - 90 seconds. 

How to measure the temperature correctly?

Oral measurement is recommended. Do not consume hot or cold drinks before measuring. It is necessary to turn on the device, place it under the tongue closer to the root. Keep your mouth closed during measurement. If you are used to axillary (armpit) measurement, it is important to create good contact between the device and the body. The hand must be kept tightly pressed to the body. And for rectal measurement, you need to use hygienic lubricants and insert the device into the rectum by 1 cm. With any method of measurement, you must not stop the procedure after the sound signal. You need to hold the device for another 30-60 seconds. 

Normal temperature:

  • Axillary - 35.2 - 36.8 ℃
  • Oral - 35.7 - 37.3 ℃
  • Rectal - 36.2 - 37.7 ℃

Infrared Thermometers

Infrared thermometers "read" infrared radiation from the body of a person or object. They are of two types: contact and non-contact. Contact measure temperature when touched to the forehead or temple, or in the auricle. There are two-in-one models that can measure both the forehead and the auricle. Non-contact thermometers measure a temperature at a distance of several centimeters from the human body.

B.Well Infrared Thermometers 

The B.Well infrared contact thermometer WF-1000 is the most popular infrared thermometer. Allows you to instantly measure the temperature both at the temple and in the auricle. The temperature can be measured for a child even in a dream, the device will not disturb a baby. 

The WF-1000 is a universal device. It can be used to measure not only the temperature of the human body, but also the temperature of air, water, and baby food. It is an accurate and fast device equipped with a waterproof sensor, a prompt display and a memory of the last measurement. 

To measure the temperature at the forehead, you need to attach the sensor to the temple, press the button and hold it. Then slowly pass the thermometer from temple to another temple across the forehead and release the button, wait for a beep. To measure in the ear, it is necessary to remove the cap, pull out the lobe, insert the thermometer's nose so that it is directed to the eardrum. Press and immediately release the button, wait for the beep. WF-1000 is user friendly: icons on the display make measuring clear and easy.

For non-contact measurement B.Well offers an infrared thermometer WF-5000 and WF-4000. 

WF-5000. The sensor signal will tell you the correct distance for an accurate measurement, which takes 1 second. The memory for 10 measurements will help you track the dynamics, and the night display and silent mode will make the measurement convenient even at night.  This universal device measures the temperature of the human body, water, air and surface of objects. Such a device will allow you to measure the temperature of a child even in a dream, without disturbing him.

Non-contact infrared thermometer WF-4000 is an accurate device for professional temperature control. It is affordable and interesting in design. Body contact is not required. Measurement is taken at a distance for 1 second. The memory for 32 measurements. The device has the function of setting the deviation value for those who have individual characteristics when measuring body temperature. 

Perfect for measurement at night: thanks to a large backlight screen, indications are easy to see, and being set to silent mode the thermometer will not wake up your baby. The thermometer measures not only the temperature of a human body, but also the temperature of water in a bath, air indoors or outdoors, and baby food before feeding. 

In order for the digital and infrared thermometers to show an accurate result, you must first familiarize yourself with the instructions, since often all the problems and inaccuracies from the incorrect procedure. Also, do not forget to take into account that the measurement method (oral, axillary or rectal) will also affect the result, because we have different temperature standards in different parts of the body. 

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