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Comfortable measurement and exact result! B.Well PRO-39 is a precise and reliable wrist blood pressure monitor.

Taking care of your health and controlling your blood pressure is important in every situation. This is why B.Well makes compact wrist blood pressure monitor available to everyone!

With B.Well blood pressure measurement is quick and easy! Just put on the cuff and press one button!

  • With its Intellect Classic technology, the device ensures the optimal pressure in the cuff for comfortable measurement. Whether your blood pressure is normal, low or high, the PRO-39 provides automatic measurement and accurate results.
  • Arrhythmia indicator allows identifying heart rhythm problems at an early stage.
  • Easy handling with only one button.
  • Comes complete with a plastic case for storage and transportation.

The B.Well PRO- 39 BP Monitor is a health care assistant who is always with you!

Watch our helpful video to know How to measure wrist blood pressure monitor PRO-39 correctly.

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