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Did you know that babies can't blow their noses?

When a baby has a blocked nose, they can have trouble breathing, they can't easily sleep and eat, or have fun playing

The B.Well nose aspirator developed by Swiss experts will clean the little nose.

The device will help to deal with a runny nose, preserve health, and avoid complications!

Nasal aspirator B.Well WC-150

  • Gentle and safe. The B.Well aspirator is safe for babies: optimal pressure cleans the nose gently and effectively, soft tips protect the mucous membrane, and easy handling allows for full procedural control.
  • Optimal pressure. The B.Well aspirator creates soft negative pressure with a precisely calculated and tested level. The correct negative pressure level does not damage the baby's delicate vessels and mucous membrane, and is sufficient for effective cleaning.
  • Effective. This nasal aspirator has been proven effective in clinical studies and home tests; it is highly valued by millions of parents.
  • For infants.
  • Easy handling. Handling with only one button is convenient for parents and safe for babies.
  • Convenient and hygienic. Special design makes it easy to disassemble and wash after use. No disposable required.
  • Soft silicone tips. Two different shaped tips made of soft silicone for comfort and safety are included.
  • Transparent container. To see results and monitor the procedure.
  • 12 children's melodies. To distract your baby during the procedure.
  • Bright design. Babies love the toy-like design.
  • Runs on batteries Convenient in any situation.
  • Storage bag included

Watch our helpful video to know How to use Nasal aspirator B.Well WC-150 correctly.


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