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Supporting maternity belt - comfort in a pregnancy time


Supporting maternity belt B.Well rehab W-431 supports the abdomen, compensates for a shift in the center of gravity during the pregnancy and reduces load on the spine.

Pelvic bandage W-431 is recommended for:
-Recommended for the second and third trimester;
-Reduces back pain;
-Prevents excessive stretching of muscles and skin of the abdomen (appearance of “stretch marks”).

B.Well rehab W-431 is the softest orthopedic bandage that can be worn directly on the body. The anatomical design and the system of fixing straps make it possible to regulate the degree of compression on the lumbar spine and support the abdomen without pressure. Bandage is not salient under regular clothing and is made of hypoallergenic air-permeable material. 

Anatomical design
Special anatomic cut for soft support of abdomen and compensation for shifting center of gravity.

Fixing belts
System of fixing belts for regulation of level of support and impact on the spine.

Air comfort
The thin, air-permeable, hypoallergenic and comfortable material is not noticeable under regular clothing.

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