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The correct way to use the B.Well WI-911 irrigator


The modern compact oral irrigator WI-911 is a professional medical device for at-home teeth and gum care.

It effectively cleans interdental space from food residue, and removes soft dental plaque that causes bacteria to spread. WI-911 is an excellent way to prevent tooth decay and periodontal diseases. B.Well is an indispensable tool for daily hygiene, especially for patients with bridgework, implants, crowns or braces.

The correct way to use the B.Well WI-911 irrigator

Pour some water into the tank
The B.Well irrigator offers two water filling modes.
You can use regular tap water. However, your device will serve longer if you use filtered or bottled water.
As an option you can add a special solution for irrigators.

Position the nozzle
The WI-911 comes complete with 2 standard nozzles. Standard nozzles clean space between teeth from bacteria and food particles. They effectively massage gums and are suitable for cleaning bridges, implants, crowns and brackets.
Additionally, you can acquire orthodontic nozzles for braces, tongue cleaning nozzles and periodontal nozzles.
To position or remove the nozzle push the button.
The nozzle rotates 360 degrees ensuring comfort and efficiency.

Choose the desired mode
The WI-911 has three modes
Normal – effective oral cleaning. 
Soft – careful cleaning for sensitive teeth and gums.
Pulse – cleaning and massaging of gums.

Press On/off button to switch the appliance on/off.
Press Mode button to select the desired water jet mode (normal, soft, pulse).
The mode selected will be shown by the mode indicator. If you want to use a different mode, press the mode switch until it changes to the desired setting. Pressing the mode switch will change the mode from Normal to Soft and Pulse.


Clean your teeth correctly
Before pressing the power switch place the nozzle into your mouth. Bend over a washbasin, and hold the appliance upright while pointing the nozzle to the teeth.
Aim to direct the steam perpendicularly to the teeth and gums.
Do not press the nozzle against the teeth and gums to avoid excessive stream pressure.
Clean the entire mouth cavity thoroughly. Pay particular attention to cleaning of the interdental space and the area around brackets. For better results start cleaning from the molars (back teeth), gradually shifting to front teeth. Follow along gums, stop around gaps between teeth. Continue until all zones around and between the teeth are fully cleaned.
After use, press On/off button to turn off the irrigator and remove it from the mouth.

Remember about the battery charge
The B.Well irrigator uses a modern safe and convenient Li-ion battery.
You will not be bothered by wires and will not require a socket in your bathroom.
A fully charged battery will be enough for the device to operate for a month.
The device comes with a mains adapter.

After use
Following the procedure always empty the water tank.
You can dry the device by turning it on without water for 2-3 seconds.

How to use irrigator B.Well WI-911 – helpful video

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