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Children often copy the behavior and habits of adults. Therefore, they want to have their own personal "adult" things. The same will be true in matters of health. If a parent has a cold and at the same time takes medicine, measures temperature and receives inhalation therapy, the child will probably follow the example. However, it is not as simple as it seems to be.

It is very complicated to treat children: they get fussy and cry, their sleep is disturbed due to a strong cough and a stuffy nose, and they lose their appetite. The best way to treat respiratory system diseases today is inhalation therapy with nebulizer. 

Nebulizer is a modern inhaler that produces small particles formed from a liquid medicine or saline, which are sprayed upon during inhalation and enter the targeted organs: lungs and bronchi. Nebulizer quickly and effectively heals cough, bronchial diseases and runny nose, while the risk of various side effects is minimal. Nevertheless, a medical device may scare kids. What if a child has his own friendly looking nebulizer, in the form of a toy. Many manufacturers now produce special models of nebulizers for children. For example, one of the most popular ones on the market is our B.Well PRO-115 compressor nebulizer.

B.Well toy nebulizer is made in the form of a bright yellow train that emits steam like a real steam locomotive. Colorful stickers are included in a nebulizer kit and a child can decorate the device. With them a child gets used to “a new friend”. The set includes three different masks (for a child, an infant and an adult) so it is suitable for the whole family. If mom or dad get sick, a child will probably want to help them and allow parents to use the device. In addition, PRO-115 comes complete with a mouthpiece for easy inhalation and a nosepiece to cure a runny nose. The device has a low noise level. 

Technical characteristics of a toy nebulizer are the same as those of an adult one:

  • the average particle size is 3,16 microns. Due to such a small particle size, medicine can reach the lower respiratory tract.
  • the amount of medicine that enters the lungs during inhalation depends on the respirable fraction - the percentage of particles of the desired size in the inhaled aerosol. The modern "Basic" sprayer produces an aerosol in which ˃ 70% particles have a size of less than 5 microns. This means that the device efficiently delivers medication to the lungs down to the alveoli and recovery will come sooner.

The quality and efficiency of the device is guaranteed as PRO-115 conforms to European standard EN13544 for nebulizers. 

It is easy and pleasant to breathe the medicine into the lungs with PRO-115. Treat children with pleasure and be well!

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