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What you should know about coronavirus outbreak


There is no doubt that most of you have already heard about  the Chinese coronavirus.

The main symptom of any virus is  high fever.

There is a dual border control in China. Passengers are  checked on coronavirus on board of  a flight and then at the airport  terminal as well as at border crossing points and railway stations.

Now our most popular non-contact thermometer for rapid temperature measurement is a pistol-shaped thermometer WF-4000!

What are the signs of coronavirus?
So far, they are considered to be the same as of SARS:
Fever, runny nose, nausea, vomiting, cough, weakness, headache and muscle pain. Pneumonia and kidney complication are dangerous after-effects of the virus.

Who is the virus potentially dangerous to:

∙              Elderly people

∙              Children

∙              People with weakened immune systems

∙              People with chronic diseases

What could be the preventive measures against coronavirus

There is only a list of general recommendations as, to date, medics are challenged to develop a vaccine for the coronavirus.

∙               “Reconsider” traveling to China

∙              Avoid visiting crowded places

∙              Wash your hands often

∙              Eat only well-heat-treated meat

∙              Although a mask will not help an already sick person, we recommend wearing one 

If you feel unwell, do not self-medicate, contact your doctor. The sooner you get the appropriate treatment, the higher the chance of avoiding dangerous complications, including pneumonia.

However, there is no reason for panic. Nowadays the level of medicine is high enough to cope with  serious diseases such as pneumonia. Our Nebulizers are highly effective devices for delivering drugs to the deep structures of the respiratory system and for complex therapy of pneumonia, bronchospasm and other diseases for all ages from infants to children, adults and the elderly.

B.Well inhalators meet the European standard of nebulizer therapy EN-135441-1 and help to cope quickly with the disease.

Wishing you and your family good health! 

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