This is a question that many parents ask. Сhildren’s teeth are a pressure point for every parent. Children love sweets, they are just learning general hygiene, and often touch their mouths with unwashed hands. As a result, sudden pain from caries in the middle of the night and an urgent visit to the dentist. 

What if there is a remedy that can prevent caries and avoid visiting a doctor? It’s name is irrigator. Irrigator better cleans the oral cavity, especially the interdental spaces, from bacteria, plaque and food debris that can cause caries. The pulsating water jet under pressure washes away all unnecessary microelements and contributes to healthy teeth and gums. It is also better to take care of the oral cavity with the help of an irrigator if the child is wearing braces. 

However, before buying an irrigator for your child, you should know some rules. A child can use an irrigator from 8 years old in the presence of adults for the safety of the procedure. It is better to use the soft mode, not to damage the delicate tissue in the child's mouth. It is recommended to use the irrigator for children whose primary teeth have already been replaced by molars. 

B.Well WI-922 fixed irrigator perfectly suits for children’s oral care. The power of the device can be adjusted from 207 to 827 kPa by the revolving panel, and the comfortable mode for a child can be chosen. WI-922 has seven nozzles in the package, including standard nozzles for general teeth and oral cavity cleaning, orthodontic bracket nozzle to clean teeth with braces, and periodontal gum nozzle to improve blood circulation in your child's gums. 

At the same time, WI-922 can be used not only by a child, but also by the whole family for many reasons. Increased volume of the water tank, for example. 600 ml is optimal for the several procedures. Three standard nozzles can be used by three persons. Tongue and breath nozzle, and implant, bridge, crown, veneer nozzle will delight every adult who cares about the beauty and health of teeth. Irrigator is mains powered. Continuous operating time is up to 30 minutes, so several people in a row can undergo the oral irrigation procedure. On average one procedure takes 2 minutes, and it is recommended to use an irrigator after teeth brushing for greater effect. 

It is better to teach children to take care of the oral cavity from childhood. In addition to improving the overall health of teeth and gums, this will also benefit all the body - harmful bacteria will be washed out by the irrigator and not get inside further into the body. Your child will thank you when he grows up and smile at you with a beautiful, healthy, and snow-white smile.

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