Living in cities, we are always on a move, in a hurry somewhere and afraid to be late. We get tired, stressed and do not think about health at all. Because there is no time. Meanwhile, headaches and insomnia are increasingly starting to bother us. We complain about poor memory and chronic fatigue.

According to statistics, in recent years, not only elderly people with chronic diseases, but also young people have become victims of such afflictions as strokes and heart attacks. That's why it is important to monitor blood pressure indicators for all people who live in a busy style. According to the blood pressure records, the doctor can prescribe competent treatment (if necessary). 


Cardiologists recommend measuring blood pressure 2 times a day: in the morning and in the evening. To take measurement anywhere you go, we have developed wrist blood pressure monitors. They are especially popular among people who are active and love compact modern gadgets.

Wrist blood pressure monitors (bpm) are small automatic devices that are fixed on the wrist. They have no restrictions by age. They are accurate as those worn on the forearm . The only restriction for wrist bpm is the presence of diseases that affect the state of limb vessels, in particular the hands and wrists. If there is any doubt that the blood vessels in the wrist area are healthy, it is best to see a doctor. The doctor will tell you whether a wrist bpm is suitable for you or is it better to choose a bmp with a cuff on the shoulder.


In the accuracy of the results, wrist bpm is identical to the shoulder one. It is only necessary to follow the recommended measurement rules: 

  • relax for about ten minutes before measuring;
  • sit on a chair straight, do not cross your legs, feet should be on the floor;
  • free your wrist from watches and jewelry;
  • fix the cuff 1-2 cm from the wrist;
  • place a case of the bpm under the arm, the cuff should be at the level of the heart;
  • check that the hand is on the table and relaxed;
  • during measurement, do not move or speak.

Wrist bmps can be easily and quickly put on the hand, absolutely everyone is able to independently measure the blood pressure.

Which wrist blood pressure monitor to choose?

B.Well has two wrist bmps in the range: PRO-39 and MED-57. 

PRO-39 is an accurate, convenient, easy-to-use and affordable device. It has a European design and conforms with European quality standards. The wrist bpm has Intellect Classic technology. This means that the device meets your individual characteristics: it creates an optimal level of pressure in the cuff for a comfortable measurement. A package includes a convenient plastic case that allows you to carry out the measurement procedure correctly. The case is placed under the arm therefore it is at the level of the heart. The device also has an arrhythmia indicator that will help identify incipient heart disease at an early stage and begin treatment on time. PRO-39 is a simple and effective device for those who would like to monitor their health and stay healthy. 

MED-57 wrist bpm has advanced features. It is suitable for those who want to control their health and value comfort. MED-57 has a large backlit display that allows measuring blood pressure even in low light. Due to Intellect Active technology, the bpm measures blood pressure quickly and carefully at the stage of air injection into the cuff. Memory for 30 measurements with date and time will help you track the dynamics of blood pressure. The wrist bpm also has an option for calculating the average value of three measurements - 3check, that makes the measurement super accurate. An arrhythmia indicator is a must for all B.Well blood pressure monitors. 

Advanced technology makes wrist blood pressure monitors not only comfortable, but also accurate and reliable. Live a full active life, and this small device will always be at hand and your health will be always under control!

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