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Nebulizer is a universal device designed to treat the lower respiratory tract - bronchi and lungs. The size of particles in the aerosols sprayed by a nebulizer is 3-4 microns, which can easily penetrate into the desired lung area and tackle the focus of inflammation. The nebulizer shortens treatment time because it delivers medicine directly to the lungs, helping your body to fight infection quickly.Nebulizer treats such diseases as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), cystic fibrosis, bronchitis, etc. Only prescribed drugs can be used in nebulizers. Side effects on the digestive system are minimal, and recovery comes faster.Today, the most common nebulizers among medical devices are compressor ones. This device is powered by a compressor, a mechanism that converts the medicine into an aerosol cloud. The medicinal solution poured into the reservoir of the device, under the action of the compressor, is split into microparticles, and then, mixed with the air supplied through a special slot in the nebulizer cup, enters in the form of a aerosol into mouthpiece or mask for the patient's inhalation.


B.Well MED-120 for effective treatment at home. Quiet and compact, B.Well MED-120 compressor nebulizer is the right choice for your health. Compact nebulizer, dimensions (102 × 140 × 61) mm, convenient to use and easy to store. Low noise level (equivalent to rain) is unique for a compressor nebulizer. Modern nebulizer, average particle size 2.9 µm and a high respirable fraction 71.1% allow medication to penetrate deep into the lungs for fast healing. Compressor nebulizer MED-120 conforms to European standard for nebulizers, EN13544-1.


An excellent basic model of the inhaler that suits the whole family is the compressor nebulizer B.Well PRO-110. The package includes masks of adult and child sizes for treating coughs, a mouthpiece for treating a sore throat and a nosepiece that helps to cure a runny nose.

B.Well PRO-110 is suitable for the treatment of any disease of the respiratory system, including bronchitis, asthma, and cough. All possible medications produced for nebulizer therapy can be used in this device. The effectiveness of inhalation is ensured by a high respirable fraction, in other words, the amount of medicine that is delivered to the lungs. The PRO-110 has a respirable fraction of more than 70% that is considered to be high for modern nebulizers. The device complies with the European standard EN-13544 for nebulizers.

The sound of the device is comparable to a quiet conversation or the sound of rain, which is important when it comes to treatment. All these advantages make the PRO-110 a popular device, which is purchased for the treatment of the whole family: both adults and children!

B.Well toy nebulizer PRO-115 is made in the form of a bright yellow train that emits steam like a real steam locomotive. Colorful stickers are included in a nebulizer kit and a child can decorate the device. With them a child gets used to “a new friend”. The set includes three different masks (for a child, an infant and an adult) so it is suitable for the whole family. If mom or dad get sick, a child will probably want to help them and allow parents to use the device. In addition, PRO-115 comes complete with a mouthpiece for easy inhalation and a nosepiece to cure a runny nose. The device has a low noise level.

Technical characteristics of a toy nebulizer are the same as those of an adult one:

  • the average particle size is 3,16 microns. Due to such a small particle size, medicine can reach the lower respiratory tract.
  • the amount of medicine that enters the lungs during inhalation depends on the respirable fraction - the percentage of particles of the desired size in the inhaled aerosol. The modern "Basic" sprayer produces an aerosol in which ˃ 70% particles have a size of less than 5 microns. This means that the device efficiently delivers medication to the lungs down to the alveoli and recovery will come sooner.

The compressor nebulizer is very reliable. It's simple design provides a long service not demanding major repairs. There is a big variety of them: with child design in the form of a toy, compact ones which are convenient to take with, high powered family ones with a big range of masks. For details click here.

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