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A big family is a great joy. You please, support and take care of each other, especially during periods of sickness. August is a month when plants are flowering in many regions, and people start to suffer from allergies to pollen. This can manifest itself in shortness of breath, asthma, and coughing. Moreover, research shows that the atopic dermatitis in children can lead to an aggravation of asthma with years. 

When dealing with allergic asthma, doctors recommend inhalation therapy, which has many advantages in treatment of respiratory diseases:

  • inhalation is suitable for everyone, regardless of age and gender, including the elderly people and babies;
  • inhalation is safer than syrups and cough meds, since they do not irritate the gastrointestinal tract, and act directly on the target organ;
  • the inhalation procedure can be carried out even at elevated body temperatures
  • recovery is faster thanks to high inhalation speed;
  • treatment is more efficient due to the fact that particles in the aerosol affect a large surface of the mucous membrane.

Compressor nebulizer is a popular type of inhaler that is reliable and easy to use. 

An excellent basic model of the inhaler that suits the whole family is the compressor nebulizer of the Swiss brand B.Well PRO-110. The manufacturer takes care of everyone: the package includes masks of adult and child sizes for treating coughs, a mouthpiece for treating a sore throat and a nosepiece that  helps to cure a runny nose. 

B.Well PRO-110 is suitable for the treatment of any disease of the respiratory system, including bronchitis, asthma, and cough. All possible medications produced for nebulizer therapy can be used in this device. The effectiveness of inhalation is ensured by a high respirable fraction, in other words, the amount of medicine that is delivered to the lungs. The PRO-110 has a respirable fraction of more than 70% that is considered to be high for modern nebulizers. The device complies with the European standard EN-13544 for nebulizers.

The sound of the device is comparable to a quiet conversation or the sound of rain, which is important when it comes to treatment. All these advantages make the PRO-110 a popular device, which is purchased for the treatment of the whole family: both adults and children! 

Use a family nebulizer and be well! 

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