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One of the most common diseases in the world are respiratory diseases. They affect the respiratory tract, including the bronchi, lungs, and nasal passages. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), annually up to 650,000 people die from respiratory diseases caused by seasonal flu alone. 

One of the primary symptoms of the flu is a sore throat. A sore throat can sign the development of an inflammatory process in the back of the throat and tonsils. Your throat can hurt so badly that even though nothing else will bother you, you will not be able to do anything because you feel unwell. 

There are many reasons for the sore throat: general hypothermia of the body, infection, allergic factors, excessive consumption of cold drinks and ice cream, as well as overdrying or injury to the mucous membrane. Depending on the cause of the development of the disease and the severity of inflammation, in addition to pain, a person may be disturbed by chills, runny nose, shortness of breath, hoarseness, hyperthermia, malaise, and headache. 

You may ask, how to deal with a sore throat? There are many popular methods:

  • drink plenty of fluids, which will reduce the concentration of toxins in the blood, accelerate their elimination, as well as lower the temperature and prevent dehydration;
  • eat "soft" food that cannot additionally injure the throat mucosa;
  • drink rosehip broth, warm tea with lemon, honey, raspberries, currants;
  • quit smoking;
  • control the level of humidity in the room - at least 60%, which will prevent overdrying of the mucous throat;
  • dress warmly, avoiding hypothermia, and wear a scarf during the cold season;
  • if possible, try to breathe through the nose;
  • do not shout, laugh out loud, so as not to strain the vocal cords. 

These methods are good, but treatment will be long and recovery will take some time. One of the proven and quick medical treatments for a sore throat is an inhalation therapy with a steam inhaler. This medical device is suitable for the treatment of the upper respiratory tract, since it generates steam with particles >10 microns which do not enter the lower respiratory tract. The steam inhaler targets to heal the throat and nose. 

Why is inhalation so good? When inhaled, the drug directly affects the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract. For inhalation medicinal substances are used in the form of steam or aerosols, so it comes into contact with the largest area of ​​the mucous membranes, is absorbed into the blood faster, and, accordingly, acts more efficiently. The advantage of inhalation lies, on the one hand, in the fact that with this type of therapy the impact on other organs is minimal, and on the other hand, an optimal local effect is achieved. Depending on the dose of the drug used, it is possible to achieve a thinning of mucus, an expansion of the respiratory tract and/or an anti-inflammatory effect. 

B.Well PRO-118 steam inhaler is a great tool to treat your sore throat. It efficiently prevents and treats cold, pharyngitis, and laryngitis. Unlike a nebulizer, in addition to drugs in the steam inhaler you can use decoctions, herbal extracts, essential oils, mineral and salt water for treatment and care. Many herbs have a healing effect and positively influence the inflamed mucous area. Essential oils are useful for the prevention of influenza and SARS. 

Mild steam temperature of PRO-118 is 43°C, which is optimal for effective inhalation, and it does not burn skin. The device is comfortable for children and adults because it has two temperature modes that are switched on the top of the inhaler. A great bonus to the PRO-118 is that it includes a cosmetic treatment mask in the package that will genty care for your facial skin. 

The device offers a high level of safety. The procedure requires a little water that is securely in a special tank. There is no risk of spilling hot water. And remember, inhalation should be carried out one and a half to two hours after eating, focusing on the procedure itself, without being distracted. 

Use a steam inhaler for sore throat treatment and be well!

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