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For many of us, autumn is the traditional time for colds. The weather is changing, the temperature is dropping and you don't always catch a moment to warm yourself up. But is that the point of autumn cold?

Anything we call the common cold, which means hypothermia, is actually caused by either bacteria or respiratory viruses. More than 200 such viruses are known to science. Vaccines against most respiratory viruses do not exist, and immunity is developed for each pathogen separately. This means that we can be infected with them one by one at least 200 times.

Hypothermia serves only as a provoking factor, when the body spends a lot of energy on fighting the cold and weakens the defense against harmful aliens. So it's not worth freezing. This is especially true during the COVID-19 epidemiological crisis in which we live.

But what if you do get sick? Firstly, you should remember that our body is able to cope with most viruses on its own with the help of high temperature and the immune system using immunoglobulin.

Secondly, if the body itself cannot cope with a cold, we can help it. The best option would be to create unfavorable conditions for the "invaders". Sputum or mucus hampers the flow of white blood cells into the affected foci, which means you need to remove it as soon as possible: rinse or blow your nose, cough up, moisturize the mucous membrane by inhaling, and create a protective barrier.

Whether you have a fever or not, cold inhalation with a compression nebulizer will help you get rid of cough or phlegm. Nebulizer is a medical device that is commonly used for the treatment of different respiratory diseases.It converts liquid medicine into vapor, mist or aerosol so that it can be inhaled directly into the lungs.

Basically, it is a lung inhaler. Its advantages are the delivery of the medicine directly to the treated organ, quick recovery, and no side effects on the GI tract. The inhalation procedure takes no more than 10 minutes and you simply inhale the medicine prescribed by your doctor. You can use only medicines in the nebulizers.

It is easy to treat coughs and colds at home using our B.Well Swiss devices: PRO-110 nebulizer for the whole family, MED-120 for those who value minimalism without sacrificing efficiency, and PRO-115 for our little ones. The respirable fraction of all devices is ˃70 %, which means efficiency of treatment confirmed by European standard EN-13544 for nebulizers.

If you have a sore throat or runny nose, our PRO-118 inhaler for the upper respiratory tract can help you. It generates steam which theat your organs.Not only medicines, but also herbs and infusions can be poured into it. A mask for spa-procedures is included in the device package which is a great bonus that will help you stay beautiful.

Get a nebulizer or inhaler for cold seasons and be sure to win in a fight with cold, bronchitis, cough and other respiratory diseases. Take care of yourself and be well!

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